This new breed of Smart contract simplifies substantially the process for investors to make passive income from their investments. Prospector reflection token are in the class of fast attracting experienced for crypto traders, but also allow crypto newcomers to join without learning about yield farming, staking, and liquidity mining.
So what are Prospector token and how do they work?
Reflection tokens (sometimes called ‘rewards’ tokens’) refer to any crypto-asset that rewards holders by adding new crypto to their wallets. Earning extra crypto is the end goal of other DeFi investment mechanisms like staking and yield farming. However, reflection tokens pay coinholders without them having to move any money, sign up to any staking pool, or even having to check their crypto wallet.
Reflections are financed by a percentage tax on any transaction in the native token. The tax is redistributed instantly to token holders, according to the size of their holding.
What the advantages of PRO$PECTOR?
Aside from passive income generation advantages, Prospector reflection token also help to prevent large price drops. This is both because taxes discourage whales from selling up their positions and encourage investors to hold onto tokens for greater reflection in the future. Prospector Reflection token keep investors loyal to a project.
Prospector mechanisms employ smart contracts that automatically distribute tokens across holders’ wallets, also a liquidity pool and a burning wallet. Blockchain technology makes the process instant, transparent, and publicly audited.
What’s the minimum amount to receive rewards?
Rewards are paid in CRANE, must need to hold at least 250 CRANE$ to receive CRANE as rewards!
Last modified 7mo ago